Dec 8, 2010

Barking for a Cure!

Sassparilla - aka Sassy was brought to us from a shelter in Oklahoma. She was heartworm positive & also had co-infections of Lyme disease & Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. To make things worse, she also developed mammary tumors that needed to be surgically removed. IBR has found a connection between tick bourne illness and mammary issues in unspayed females. Yet another reason to spay & neuter your pets.... Through no fault of her own, these diseases complicated treatments for all illnesses. But Sassy has been a survivor & made it through Heartworm & Rocky Mountain Fever treatment successfully. Her surgery also went well & she is back to her normal bouncy self after a few weeks of R&R.

Wrapped & recovering from the
partial mastectomy.

It may not be pretty, but it may
have saved my life.

This was serious business. The vet
removed all the tumors on my left mammaries.

9 days post-surgery: no more drain tubes or stitches. I'm also healing well & feeling better despite what this may look like.

While her treatments have been successful, they have also been expensive & put IBR into a pile of debt. Our foster homes pave the way to happy adoption tails. Adoptions raise money for more dogs to be brought into the program & treated. But more treatments raise the vet bills again. In November alone 3 of our dogs have undergone mastectomies. These are phenomenal dogs & deserve the proper royal treatment. But now they are deserving of their own loving families. Our foster families work hard to match families with the perfect fit of furry companion. Sassy is AMAZING. So are many, many, many of our other fosters. Spread the word, tell your friends. Lets get these dogs the attention they've been missing for too long!